Our Mission

Union-In-Action is 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to enhance the capacity of our systems of care to equitably improve the quality of health of individuals and communities using the principles of integration, collaboration, and orchestration.

We cannot successfully help the whole-person using fragmented systems of care.

The design of our systems of care is itself a major barrier to optimal outcomes. The ‘interaction design’ of these systems, and the diverse disciplines that make up the professional resource-communities concerned with these patients, is fragmented, dis-coordinated and riddled with conflicts, limiting our capacity to improve their quality of health.

Union In Action seeks to reframe care integration and collaboration as system-level disciplines, supporting even unaffiliated individuals, roles and entities to achieve common goals through shared responsibility, authority and accountability.

Integration and Collaboration

Union In Action helps organizations and institutions develop and promote strategic working principles and operational frameworks for knowledge sharing and collaborative goal achievement in service of ``whole-person`` care

Policy and Program Development

Union In Action provides services to design, develop and implement policies and programs to operationally support the principles of collaboration and integration as a discipline to improve the quality of health of individuals and communities

Education and

Union In Action works with professional organizations and educational institutions to understand and advance the nature of roles, responsibilities and scope of practice considerations in collaborative and integrated models of care