Our Strategies:

Working Principles

Union In Action has identified three “strategic working principles” for our effort at policy, program development, and assessment related to integration, collaboration as orchestration as as healthcare disciplines.

Working Principles


“Orientation” defines a set of positions or attitudes required for successful integration

  • Whole-Person​​

  • Journey Management

  • Shared Goals


“Commitment” defines the nature and scope of participation

  • Care Planning​

  • Interaction Design

  • Resource Allocation


“Orchestration” defines the realms of arrangement, coordination and communication

  • Goal-based

  • Role-based

  • Governance-based 

Current Programs

  • Bridges to Behavioral Health
  • Classroom Consult
  • Integrating the Autism Care System
  • “Whole-Person” Healthcare
  • Collaboration As A Professional Discipline