Person-First Care Planning

  • Union-In-Action has developed an operating model for integrated care planning and has designed a framework for optimized resource-managed care delivery against an integrated care plan

  • The Care Planning framework is especially applicable to value-based care; it will be tested in both ambulatory and inpatient settings.

Addressing Racial Bias in Healthcare

  • Union in Action has developed the Lived Experience Assessment-Healthcare (LEA-H), which can be used by healthcare providers and health systems to gather patient-level data on the experience of care.
  • LEA-H provides feedback on patients perceptual/emotional experience of care, using a controlled vocabulary; results can be stratified by racial and cultural identities

Whole-Person Health Economic Model

  • As healthcare integrates social and behavioral determinants into care planning, the economic model for investments in health will need to change

  • Union-In-Action is exploring how to break down funding silos and integrate the value model across health, mental health, education and social services systems

Bridges to Behavioral Health

  • Union In Action has partnered with the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts to build bridges petween the pediatric community and the behavior analytic community to supports collaborative links between the disciplines with regard to behavioral health and health-related behaviors.
  • We see to support knowlesge transfer and bring validated behavior analytic research on approaches to common behavioral challenges to pediatricians and other child health professionals in order to help children achieve goals for development and learning.

Targeted Collaboratives

Developmental Responsibility As A Social Standard (
  • Developmental Responsibility™ is a new model for sustainable child development in which the developmental sensitivities of children are a reference point in day-to-day decision-making, not just by those who interact directly with children but by society-at-large, including individuals, corporations, non-government organizations, elected officials and public institutions.
  • Union In Action seeks to position Developmental Responsibility as a social standard of behavior, language, strategy and policy, under which individuals, organizations, businesses and institutions are measured against standards of developmental appropriateness, with sensitivity to the dynamic nature of human development.

Targeted Collaboratives

Integrating the Autism Care System​​
  • Union-In-Action will organize a collaborative to bring together professional communities that ‘share the care” of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families, to bridge inter-disciplinary knowledge gaps across all members of the professional resource communities concerned with children with ASDS and their families